Favorite picture!!!  Anthony Bourdain was a huge part of my life.  Losing him is like

losing a friend who understood how awesome it is to have deep conversations

about food, family, culture, history, and ideas with strangers while traveling

alone!  He made me look a little less creepy!!  #rip

Image:  CN Traveler


I ran into Johnathan Goldsmith at the Last Book Store in Downtown LA!


This is not only my dream house, but also the coolest new 72-hour Cabin in Sweden designed

to soothe stress in human beings!  Karolinska Institutet experimented on five different 

professionals and saw a 70% decrease in stress level.  These cabins are now open as holiday

retreats to the general public.  Get more information by visiting www.visitsweden.com



I'm in love with my new favorite city, Austin!  It's the most friendly city with a growing

population of young professionals from all around the country and delicious foods.  While I was in

Austin, I decided to visit Waco (only a 2 hour drive) to check out Chip & Joanna Gaines' Magnolia

Market and Garden at the Silos.  They're a power couple and the stars of the hit TV show, Fixer

Upper, on HGTV who have truly transformed lives all over Waco and lifted the city's

economy in unbelievable ways! Check out more pictures on Instagram &

Facebook @OutliveOnline!


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New York 911

New York 911


Remembering 911 :\

Great shot by @volare.amore 

Thank you!




A family trip to Solvang, a cute little Danish town in Southern California.




Attending a beautiful wedding on the well preserved Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.  

Known as the greatest ocean liner, it was built in Scotland and sailed from 1936 until 1967 across

the Atlantic Ocean carrying British Royalty and Hollywood celebrities, such as, Audrey Hepburn

and Elizabeth Taylor.  Its Art Deco interior design uses 50 different kinds of woods from

around the world representing elegance, glamour, and function.


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 When randomly looking up is pretty!


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Remembering my trip to the beautiful city of Manchester, UK during the tragic incident

that recently occurred at a concert there.  It's true.. "Most of the trouble in the world is

caused by people wanting to be important." -Eliot.  I think that the horrific acts by the

mentally unstable take place when they find themselves lost in life and would lean on anything

that fills their emptiness.  This is why the uneducated who's ultimate goal is to gain power targets the

vulnerable by brainwashing them with an emotional tool, the religion, which they misinterpret and use only for

manipulation purposes.  This scenario can be applied at a smaller scale as well.  For instance, when a child is

lonely, he or she grows up craving attention from peers and is lead to the wrong path; when an insecure

mother uses her title of being a mother to manipulate her son to keep him from living his life out of fear 

of being abandoned; or when a sales person manipulates clients to sell just to meet his or her

monetary needs in order to spend on things that can be used to impress others.  The best way to

eliminate this issue is to educate ourselves to be emotionally strong and keeping ourselves

busy with the positive things in life that better our mind, body, soul,

career, relationship with self and others, etc. 

Image: Viajonarios


A family trip to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA!  

It's a must see spring treat open once a year during the season.



Pantone's Color of the Year 2017 is Greenery!  

I'm in LOVE with this picture.  It so beautifully interprets my vision of thinking big 

and letting go of those barriers in our minds that stop us from making the

most of our short life.  Outlive!


Image: Dwell

 Frozen Methane Bubbles in Abraham Lake, Canada


Image: Instagram

 On my way from Rome to Florence, Italy

Loved the transitional interior design of my hotel room

The Arno River

The gorgeous view of the city.  Life in Florence sprang around 59 B.C.!!

The real Italian pizza for only 5 euros!


 My favorite part of the trip: gelato.. tiramisu, mint chocolate, and dark chocolate hazelnut!

Santa Croce.. this is where Michelangelo and Galileo are buried.

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Landing at Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy

Near the Spanish Steps

Time to eat pizza!

 Breathtaking view of the Pantheon

Inside the Vatican Museums

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