Favorite picture!!!  Anthony Bourdain was a huge part of my life.  Losing him is like

losing a friend who understood how awesome it is to have deep conversations

about food, family, culture, history, and ideas with strangers while traveling

alone!  He made me look a little less creepy!!  #rip

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Why do we see so many boys these days not willing to leave their parents' nests

to build their own?  Why do they make their current family a priority over their future

family?  When we educate ourselves we understand that a relationship may be emotional,

physical, social, but a marriage is a financial commitment to preserve mutual love and respect in

order to provide a solid foundation for your offsprings that meets their needs before they step 

into the real world.  Without this awareness, emotionally weak boys lean onto their mothers

and financially weak boys lean onto excuses, games, and lies because they're not ready to

support a new family or may have other financial priorities.  Does that mean they

don't love the girl they're in a relationship with?  Absolutely not!  When 

that's the case, it's better to let time, patience, and courage

cure all wounds; not people and their two cents.



Another awesome teen workshop at Piadina, Tustin Marketplace! 

We had amazing professionals, such as, a Police Officer, Programmer, Football Player,

Accountant, Attorney, Business Owner, Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Pilot, and more who 

graciously dedicated their time to share their experiences with teens to help

them find their career paths and design their lives early!  To hear

about the upcoming workshops, please follow Tustin Kiwanis on

Instagram or 'like' its page on Facebook.


This is not only my dream house, but also the coolest new 72-hour Cabin in Sweden designed

to soothe stress in human beings!  Karolinska Institutet experimented on five different 

professionals and saw a 70% decrease in stress level.  These cabins are now open as holiday

retreats to the general public.  Get more information by visiting www.visitsweden.com



Anxiety is an emotion we experience when we believe we are vulnerable

to some sort of threat in the future.  These thoughts are created due to experiences

from the past that we are now projecting onto our future.  Investigating our thoughts and

bringing ourself to the awareness that they cannot harm us cure anxiety.




I've been secretly obsessed with Elvis Presley and his life! 🤓

August is the month when people around the world celebrate him as he was the king of

rock 'n roll and a global icon.  He fell in love with Priscilla when she was only 14 and married

her several years later.  While he was at his peak, she decided to walk out of the relationship

leaving him heartbroken.  He increased his drug intake to fight depression which slowly

started to take a toll on his health and stardom.  He was never able to fully recover

and finally died at the age of 42 in 1977 in Memphis, TN. 

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I recently stumbled upon a thought-provoking, controversial documentary on

Netflix called What The Health!  Did you know that eggs are just as bad as smoking,

humans are designed for plant-based diets, protein originates in plants not animals,

and cow's milk is meant for calves, not humans?  Plant-based diets can reverse all

diseases!  Please check out the documentary and see what you think about it!


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....YOU and ME!!!


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A scene from Outlive Platform's awesome workshop guiding and inspiring teens in

collaboration with Tustin Kiwanis & Italian Piadina.  Please connect with us on Facebook

or Instagram @tustinkiwanis or @outliveonline for event updates.

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It takes years for some people to understand and find their purpose on this earth.  This

thought provoking quote is a great way to find the right path in life.  We can make a difference

for ourselves and others in the future by correcting our past and give meaning to our existence.


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Being spiritual rather than religious, I personally don't find the need to follow

any traditions of a religion to connect with God.  I can find God in the giant waves

of the ocean, the wet rain drops against my skin, the strangers I meet while traveling, the

tall trees that grow from tiny seeds, the process of child birth, the unbeatable talent 

of an actor, the desire to change lives one human at a time....

How do you connect with God?  What does religion mean to you?  



Remembering my trip to the beautiful city of Manchester, UK during the tragic incident

that recently occurred at a concert there.  It's true.. "Most of the trouble in the world is

caused by people wanting to be important." -Eliot.  I think that the horrific acts by the

mentally unstable take place when they find themselves lost in life and would lean on anything

that fills their emptiness.  This is why the uneducated who's ultimate goal is to gain power targets the

vulnerable by brainwashing them with an emotional tool, the religion, which they misinterpret and use only for

manipulation purposes.  This scenario can be applied at a smaller scale as well.  For instance, when a child is

lonely, he or she grows up craving attention from peers and is lead to the wrong path; when an insecure

mother uses her title of being a mother to manipulate her son to keep him from living his life out of fear 

of being abandoned; or when a sales person manipulates clients to sell just to meet his or her

monetary needs in order to spend on things that can be used to impress others.  The best way to

eliminate this issue is to educate ourselves to be emotionally strong and keeping ourselves

busy with the positive things in life that better our mind, body, soul,

career, relationship with self and others, etc. 

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What is Confidence?

Building confidence at a young age helps form our personalities for the future.  Without confidence

or low self-esteem people generally see the world as a hostile place and themselves as its victim.  

As a result, they feel reluctant to express and assert themselves, miss out on experiences and

opportunities, and feel helpless about changing things.  Low self-esteem can be deeply rooted,

with origins in traumatic childhood experiences, says Psychology Today.  To me personally,

the best way to build confidence is to work inside out.  Start with taking good care of your health.  

Second, focus on your strengths and believe in yourself.  Third, travel to new places and meet new 

people - learn from them - you met them for a reason!  Fourth, do not compare yourself to others.

You should only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.  

Lastly, treat others right and always do the right thing!  



Chanel finds a creative way to spread some spring love!

How do you connect with your clients?

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From the Dali Lama to Jeff Lewis, I've had the opportunity to meet and learn from

the world renowned and highly influential people in recent years!  Their inspirational

stories have helped me grow as a person and look at life in a more defined way.  

The one thing they all have in common for sure is the fact that they love 

what they do and do what they love without damaging others!


...or what you hear about a guy!

Have you ever been caught in the middle of rumors spread about you and you had no idea

why someone would do that.. especially if they seemed to really like you before?  Well, this quote

explains exactly why.  Unfortunately, sometimes we are not able to have full control over our

emotions such as jealousy.  According to Psychology Today, jealousy is a complex emotion that

encompasses feelings ranging from fear of abandonment to rage and humiliation.  It strikes both

men and women and is most typically aroused when a person perceives a threat to a

valued relationship from a third party.


Emotional Responsibility

This is the most important ingredient of a healthy relationship.

When people do not take responsibility for their own feelings, they tend to try making their partner

responsible for their own happiness, emotional safety and self-worth. As adults, happiness,

emotional safety and self-worth come from how we treat ourselves and others,

rather than from how others treat us. 


Kindness, Acceptance, Compassion and Empathy

Relationships thrive when both partners are kind, accepting, compassionate and empathetic.

This occurs naturally once you have learned to be kind, accepting and compassionate toward yourself,

but it becomes a huge challenge when you are abandoning yourself. Again, the ability to be kind with

others is directly related to learning to be kind with oneself.


Warmth, Affection, Connection, Laughter and Fun

When people take loving care of themselves and take responsibility for

making themselves happy, they generally want to share their happiness with loved ones.

When you learn to stay connected with yourself, you likely want to share your connection with loved ones.

Warmth, affection, connection, laughter and fun flow easily when both partners have learned

how to take responsibility for their own happiness.


Enjoy Time Together and Time Apart

In healthy relationships, partners thoroughly enjoy being together,

but their well-being is not dependent on being with each other. Emotional dependency is the opposite

of emotional responsibility. While some people enjoy being together all the time, some partners

also enjoy being with their own friends or pursuing separate interests, and in a healthy relationship,

they are supported in doing this by their partner.


Learning Through Conflict

Healthy relationships have a system for learning from their conflicts and resolving

their conflicts in ways that work for each partner. Healthy partners are able to listen attentively to each

other’s points of view and do not get stuck in having to be right or having to win.

A healthy relationship is an evolving relationship — i.e., each partner is learning and growing

through the relationship, and often through the conflicts. Conflict can provide fertile ground for learning

when each partner’s intent is to learn, rather than to control or avoid being controlled.  

The basis of a healthy relationship is when each partner maintains an open intent to learn about

loving themselves and each other, rather than being intent on protecting/avoiding/controlling.

It is the intent to learn about love that leads to being able to take personal

responsibility for your own feelings.


Trust That You Support Each Other’s Highest Good — Joy for Each Other’s Joy

In healthy relationships, partners trust each other to not deliberately hurt each other.

They support each other in what brings each person joy, and they feel joy in witnessing each other’s joy.

Healthy partners, instead of being threatened by each other’s success or joy, are delighted by it.


Spark — Physical, Emotional and Intellectual

There is a spark that exists in healthy relationships that is not easy to define,

but most people know what I mean by this. You enjoy being physically next to each other.

You enjoy talking with your partner, playing with your partner, and sharing your feelings with your partner.

You enjoy making love with each other. A spark is not a superficial thing — it is not

based on looks or status.  Rather, it’s about the deeper loving energy that exists

between two people.

Read the full article at Huffington Post:



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