Favorite picture!!!  Anthony Bourdain was a huge part of my life.  Losing him is like

losing a friend who understood how awesome it is to have deep conversations

about food, family, culture, history, and ideas with strangers while traveling

alone!  He made me look a little less creepy!!  #rip

Image:  CN Traveler


Check out my recent project!  A mix of styles and price points to

keep it transitional and budget friendly.  Because I work on very selective

projects, this one was extra special as it was less about decoration and more

about solving problems.. "designing."  We took it out of early 1940's and

updated it to 2018!  Unfortunately, I won't be able to share any

"before" pictures to show you the amazing transformation per

client's request.



Another awesome teen workshop at Piadina, Tustin Marketplace! 

We had amazing professionals, such as, a Police Officer, Programmer, Football Player,

Accountant, Attorney, Business Owner, Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Pilot, and more who 

graciously dedicated their time to share their experiences with teens to help

them find their career paths and design their lives early!  To hear

about the upcoming workshops, please follow Tustin Kiwanis on

Instagram or 'like' its page on Facebook.


This is not only my dream house, but also the coolest new 72-hour Cabin in Sweden designed

to soothe stress in human beings!  Karolinska Institutet experimented on five different 

professionals and saw a 70% decrease in stress level.  These cabins are now open as holiday

retreats to the general public.  Get more information by visiting www.visitsweden.com



Pantone's Color of the Year 2018

(...and my personal favorite!)

is Ultra Violet! =)




Low, clean, minimal, rustic!  =)

Image: Tamara Magel Design / Houzz

"Less is More" couldn't be more true especially after experiencing a recent wildfire that forced

us to evacuate our home.  It's important to practice letting go and living a minimal, meaningful

lifestyle.  Letting go of useless things and unproductive people around us helps us outlive our

day-to-day life we try to make the most of.  Here's a list of things you should always 

keep in your car for each individual incase of an emergency:

1.  Wate bottles, energy bars, first aid kit

2.  Cell phone / laptop chargers, glasses if you wear them!

3.  A small bag for pjs, t-shirt, towel, toothbrush, toiletries, slippers

4.  Save all important doc in your Dropbox (copy of driver's license, passport, etc.)

New York 911

New York 911


Remembering 911 :\

Great shot by @volare.amore 

Thank you!




Newport Beach, California


Image: My iPhone


....YOU and ME!!!


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A scene from Outlive Platform's awesome workshop guiding and inspiring teens in

collaboration with Tustin Kiwanis & Italian Piadina.  Please connect with us on Facebook

or Instagram @tustinkiwanis or @outliveonline for event updates.

Next: College Prep, Emotional Intelligence...


It takes years for some people to understand and find their purpose on this earth.  This

thought provoking quote is a great way to find the right path in life.  We can make a difference

for ourselves and others in the future by correcting our past and give meaning to our existence.


Image: Pinterest



Design is all about balance, scale, and harmony.  This cozy nook of a living room designed by

Curtis Elmy is a great example of balancing neutrals and making it aesthetically pleasing

to the eye.  If you need design assistance or just a few hours of consultation, please

feel free to reach out to me at info@outliveonline.com.



 When randomly looking up is pretty!


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Design Tip:

Letting natural light pour into a space increases human productivity!


Image: Houzz


A family trip to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA!  

It's a must see spring treat open once a year during the season.



Chanel finds a creative way to spread some spring love!

How do you connect with your clients?

Image: Pinterest


Beautiful details by Monique Lhuillier Spring 2017


Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to add resale value to your house and  

it's absolutely worth hiring a designer to help you make the right decisions.  I've come across clients that

spent thousands of dollars into materials and construction only to find out that the final result did

not reflect their original vision.  Please feel free to send me a message at info@outliveonline.com for

consultation or design assistance and save time, energy, and money!

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