We love hosting our design workshops at Farrow & Ball / SoCo & the OC Mix

every other month in Costa Mesa, CA to educate clients on how to design their home as

present with the help of the coolest online invitation platform, Outlive Design.  

It's the new, modern, mindful way of designing your home to live a more

productive and healthy life!  To keep up with the workshop schedule,

please follow @OutliveDesign on Insta or like it's Facebook page.


To register for August workshops, please follow the links below:


Sat, Aug 11, 2018 - 12pm to 3pm



Thurs, Aug 30, 2018 - 6pm to 8pm




Ending Memorial Day weekend with #1968 on CNN Original Series.

Thanks to Tom Hanks for producing and preserving the history of the country we live in

and call home.  It’s our responsibility to love, respect, and protect our home by being

better citizens.  For those who don’t, the exit doors are always open. 


Join us for a 1-on-1 free design workshop to learn how to design your

home as a present at Farrow & Ball / SoCo in Costa Mesa, CA!  It's a great

way to meet designers in person, get all of your questions answered, and

receive 20% off design fee!  To check out the upcoming dates, please 

visit www.outlivedesign.com or follow @outlivedesign on

Instagram or Facebook.



I ran into Johnathan Goldsmith at the Last Book Store in Downtown LA!


Another awesome teen workshop at Piadina, Tustin Marketplace! 

We had amazing professionals, such as, a Police Officer, Programmer, Football Player,

Accountant, Attorney, Business Owner, Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Pilot, and more who 

graciously dedicated their time to share their experiences with teens to help

them find their career paths and design their lives early!  To hear

about the upcoming workshops, please follow Tustin Kiwanis on

Instagram or 'like' its page on Facebook.


UC Irvine School of Social Sciences talks about my newest startup,

Outlive Design, and how it helps you design your home as a present!  

Check it out:





Please join us to learn about the newest online invitation, Outlive Design, for hosts that love

interior design and would like to receive it as a present on a special occasion, such as,

a wedding, housewarming, baby shower, birthday, or an anniversary!  Along with

refreshments and swag bags, we're offering 20% off design fee, 3 gallons of

paint, and a Farrow & Ball design inspiration book!  Learn more on IG...

@OutliveDesign | @Farrowandball




We poured beer to raise funds for the children of Orange County at Tustin Tiller Days!


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"Less is More" couldn't be more true especially after experiencing a recent wildfire that forced

us to evacuate our home.  It's important to practice letting go and living a minimal, meaningful

lifestyle.  Letting go of useless things and unproductive people around us helps us outlive our

day-to-day life we try to make the most of.  Here's a list of things you should always 

keep in your car for each individual incase of an emergency:

1.  Wate bottles, energy bars, first aid kit

2.  Cell phone / laptop chargers, glasses if you wear them!

3.  A small bag for pjs, t-shirt, towel, toothbrush, toiletries, slippers

4.  Save all important doc in your Dropbox (copy of driver's license, passport, etc.)

New York 911

New York 911


Remembering 911 :\

Great shot by @volare.amore 

Thank you!




A scene from Outlive Platform's awesome workshop guiding and inspiring teens in

collaboration with Tustin Kiwanis & Italian Piadina.  Please connect with us on Facebook

or Instagram @tustinkiwanis or @outliveonline for event updates.

Next: College Prep, Emotional Intelligence...


Attending a beautiful wedding on the well preserved Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.  

Known as the greatest ocean liner, it was built in Scotland and sailed from 1936 until 1967 across

the Atlantic Ocean carrying British Royalty and Hollywood celebrities, such as, Audrey Hepburn

and Elizabeth Taylor.  Its Art Deco interior design uses 50 different kinds of woods from

around the world representing elegance, glamour, and function.


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My favorite annual design event in Los Angeles was a hit!  

I got to meet and learn from the highly influential, such as, Nate Berkus

and also made some new, amazing friends from around the world!

Please check out Nate Berkus' new desktop collection at Target.


May 7th is our very first event designed for all teens to be a step ahead in life!  

We'll be hanging out with the pros to get inspired and learn about real life challenges.  

It's a free event and will be held once a month excluding summer and winter breaks.  

Some of the other topics will include Emotional & Social Intelligence,

Family & Relationships, College Prep, Health, Depression, etc.  

Please e-mail me at info@outliveonline.com for questions.

* Students IDs Required *

From the Dali Lama to Jeff Lewis, I've had the opportunity to meet and learn from

the world renowned and highly influential people in recent years!  Their inspirational

stories have helped me grow as a person and look at life in a more defined way.  

The one thing they all have in common for sure is the fact that they love 

what they do and do what they love without damaging others!


Tustin Police along with sponsors like Tustin Kiwanis collaborate every year to

throw an amazing Christmas party called Santa Cop for the homeless kids and their families

and I absolutely love volunteering at the event as a Kiwanian!  It makes me realize how our small

act of kindness can make a huge difference in a child's life which they'll

remember forever, be inspired by, and hopefully do the same for others as they

grow older wherever they are in the world.


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I had an opportunity to attend OC's 2016 Fall Fashion show at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA 

and meet the amazing, hardworking stylists!  

Check out more pictures by connecting on Facebook on the top right.


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Architect: Dean Nota

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