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What is the new color trend?  

To me, the best color trends are the ones that are inspired by seasons, global events, or human behavior.  

The way we incorporate colors into our designs can make any color trendy.  In this post, Mint not only looks trendy, but also classic at the same time.

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder is one of 10 personality disorders described in the Diagnostic and

StatisticalManual of Mental Disorders, an authoritative psychiatric guide.


Narcissists tend to have an inflated sense of self-worth and base their identity on the praise and approval of

others.  Their intimate relationships are superficial and focused mostly on how other people reflect on them,

with little to no empathy for the other person’s experience.  They genuinely believe that they’re better than other

people, but they are also prone to feeling intense shame over critiques they receive or mistakes they make.


A narcissistic parent will trample all over their family to address their own desires without giving much

thought to what anyone else needs.  Because of this, some adult children of narcissists will actually overcorrect and

bend over backwards to make sure no one could ever possibly perceive them this way.  Alternately, they may have

grown up all their lives being told that theirneeds don’t matter.  Either way, the result is the same: They let people

walk all over them because they’re not in touch with what they need and they don’t know how to express it.


Some narcissists demand the attention by playing the victim or describing their problems as greater than

anyone else’s problems.  They may also try to control other people’s actions by threatening to harm themselves

unless a certain outcome goes their way.


While some researchers think that there may be a biological basis that makes some people more vulnerable to

narcissism than others, others agree that the personality disorder stems from a complex mix of factors that include

exceptionally harsh criticism and/or praise in childhood, which causes the child to shield their low self-esteem

with a strong, perfect persona.  It also makes the child especially needy of praise, admiration and flattery in order

to feel normal, while leaving them especially vulnerable to even the slightest criticism, notes the Mayo Clinic.


What to do:  Parents with extreme forms of narcissism can leave their adult children feeling like shells

of themselves, and sometimes the safest thing for adult children to do is to limit their exposure to these toxic

relationships, especially the parents don’t think they have anything to apologize for.





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What is style?



Walker Zanger, a high-end natural stone and tile company, recently introduced a new

concrete tile collection called Kaza Concrete, which won the gold award at KBIS 2016

(Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) in Las Vegas.  Its 3-D pattern and modern color palette

are absolutely stunning!

 On my way from Rome to Florence, Italy

Loved the transitional interior design of my hotel room

The Arno River

The gorgeous view of the city.  Life in Florence sprang around 59 B.C.!!

The real Italian pizza for only 5 euros!


 My favorite part of the trip: gelato.. tiramisu, mint chocolate, and dark chocolate hazelnut!

Santa Croce.. this is where Michelangelo and Galileo are buried.

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Landing at Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy

Near the Spanish Steps

Time to eat pizza!

 Breathtaking view of the Pantheon

Inside the Vatican Museums

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Beautiful view of Washington, D.C. from the hotel room

D.C. Design District

Colorful treats at Dean & Deluca

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The way we think is the way we live.
The way we live determines the quality of our life.  As they say‚Ķ start at home.
Start early!

-Mariam E.